New PIF-NFT Service

Guaranteed traceability and certified date for PIF, and more …

We have been hearing about NFT for some time, and, without knowing them well, they are related to the sale of works or music licenses, often at crazy prices.
They are born to guarantee (and make possible) cryptocurrencies. But what are they, and what use can they have? Let’s find out together.

What is? The NFT is a Non Fungible Token, total, irreversible and indelible tracking system.

How does it work? The NFT exploits the “blockchain” system created to guarantee, record and track the monetary exchanges of cryptocurrencies. In fact, it allowed the creation and existence of cryptocurrencies themselves, such as the historical Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency in the world. But it is also possible to “insert” any type of file into the blockchain. And… documents!

The documents inserted in the blockchain are therefore (albeit with limited access by the owner, therefore always protected) “electronically notarized” with a system recognized by the authorities all over the world.
Angel Consulting, always at the forefront in the search for your safety and protection, offers the service of registration and digital custody of essential documents (PIF, CPSR, CoA and more), making them certain, immutable (they can of course be updated, keeping the historical record) and legally unassailable, raising the defensive function of documents to the nth degree, as the possibility of modifying them for use is certainly excluded.

Your documents will then be accompanied by a QR code and “track ID” which certify their inclusion in the blckchain and immutability.

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