Cosmetics Surveillance

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The Regulation (EC) 1223/2009, amongst other new features, includes the obligation, in case of the event of serious undesirable effects, to notify without delay the competent authority of the Member State where the serious undesirable effect occurred. In the field of cosmetic products, this activity in fact looks completely different from the health sectors in which, instead, it has been applied for years, both in terms of the extent and consumer “reaction” to phenomena, which, for the most parts, are temporary (redness, irritation) and in any case reversible.

The Angel Consulting Staff proposes the following activities

Contact with the customer/customer’s doctor in order to determine the severity and extent of the event, to give support from qualified specialists (dermatologists/toxicologists) if required
Further clinical tests where significant events occur
Updates from the most important EU notifications of anomalies received
Analysis of the consumer surveys aimed at detecting the “invisible signs” that do not result in actual formal complaints
Interface with the Health Authorities
Crisis Management: organisation, management and contact with the press