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Angel Consulting was born as an evolution from a single consultant’s work with the idea for supporting cosmetic companies. The project was born in the year 2000 and now it’s a developed company with a highly qualified team focused on clients’ most critical issues and opportunities.



We want to help you to achieve your goals successfully.
We seek to improve your effectiveness in the global market, giving our full attention to the compliance of your products.
We guarantee success in reaching your full potential.


We believe that we can help you develop your projects in the best way possible supporting you with our main qualities like discretion, ethic, collaboration and problem-solving skills



Since the beginning, Matteo Zanotti Russo’s vision has been based on providing you with both high skill and direct contact. An eye on cosmetic counseling, safety assessment, import-export, but always focused on a direct relationship with a qualified person always supported by a knowledgeable team and more.


Cosmetics Legislation in EU

Regulation (EC) 1223/2009

The Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 that replaces the Directive 76/768/EC with all amendments, implements and clarifies some of the obstacles and trouble points that were present in the past legislation.

The regulation, in force since 11 July 2013, focuses its attention on some keywords revised and redefined: in particular, the appointment of the Responsible Person, the implementation of the product information file (PIF), and the application of the good manufacturing practice according to ISO 22716:2007:

The responsibility of the Responsible Person (legal or natural entity, the manufacturer or a consultancy company)
Product Information File is more complex and articulated: Product Information File + Cosmetic Product Safety Report + Cosmetic Product Safety Information + Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment
Notification: at EU commission, one for all EU (but distributors need to be individuated)
Labeling: the Responsible Person´s name (who keeps the PIF)
Cosmetic GMP: ISO 22716
Nanomaterials: regulated and specifically notified 6 months before the release on the global market
How Can We Help You? Regulation (EC) 1223/2009


Angel Consulting offers free webinars to introduce you to EU, UK and international cosmetic regulations

US new rules!

MoCRA: Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act will come in force from Dec. 29th 2023

Recall procedures, allergen labelling, GMP, Facility registration, Product listing, Adverse event reporting, Safety Substantiation.

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Responsible person

The Responsible Person (RP) is a “legal” or “natural” person designated who will assume technical and legal responsibilities as the unique representative. We can take the role as Responsible Person for EU, UK and USA (MoCRA). Read more:

Product information file (PIF)

PIF is a collection of documents that describe a cosmetic product. It includes a Safety Assessment signed by a qualified expert.

We set up your Product Information File (PIF) in our protected database, we daily keep it updated, and in case of inspection by Authorities, we can send it in a few minutes.

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Good Manufacturing Practice GMP

ISO 22716:2007 is the international standard that gives guidelines for cosmetic production, control, storage, and shipment in compliance with Regulation (EU) No. 1223/2009.

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Import & Export

Import assistance in EU, Export assistance, Labelling & Packaging, and Technical assistance. Angel Consulting is a successful expression of high-tech/multi-skills service for your business.

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