Notification on the portal CPNP

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Notification on the portal CPNP

Free on line system
The only one notification process, valid in all Member States
Separate module for the cosmetic products contained nanomaterials (according to the art. 16 of the Regulation 1223/2009)

What is needed?


Personal registration on the portal ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service)


Quantitative and qualitative composition of the product


Artwork of the label


Statement on nanomaterials (if any): separate notification of the nanomaterial

Not tested on Animal

Ban for the finished products

Animal testing ban for the finished products since September 11, 2004

Ban for the ingredients

Animal testing ban for the ingredients and mixture of ingredients (except toxicological tests) since March 11, 2009

Complete animal testing ban

Complete animal testing ban since July 11, 2013

Alternative methods

Alternative methods to animal testing