Import and Export

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Regulatory compliance with Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 (notification, PIF preparation, labelling review, cosmetic surveillance).

Regulatory compliance with main worldwide cosmetic legislations (140 countries)
Notification/Registration of cosmetic products/formulation/ingredients
Product Safety Assessment (main copies registered/stored in our offices)
In-market surveillance
Assistance during health inspections
Labelling set up
Sticker/Printing set-up (in compliance with EU laws)
Labelling/Claims compliance improvement
Packaging compatibility
Technical product evaluation (safety/stability/efficacy)
Formulation stability evaluation/testing (Shelf life, Period After Opening)
Allergenic ingredients evaluation
Updating formulations/Extension of cosmetic lines
Microbiological stability evaluation
Preservative efficacy evaluation
Manufacturer reliability evaluation/GMP compliance

Our Role

Angel Consulting is a successful expression of high-tech/multi-skills service for your business: a simple structure (few employees, all graduate in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Law) with powerful and efficient PC devices that allows an efficient access to the most important worldwide legal and scientific data banks in order to guarantee quick answers with affordable costs.

Our highly specialized experience in cosmetic field (legal/commercial/technical) brings quick and safe answers and highly reliable Safety Assessments.