Dr. Matteo Zanotti Russo: my vision

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Who is Matteo Zanotti Russo?

During more than 15 years of experience in touch with several top companies located world wide, and in touch with Universities, Matteo Zanotti Russo experienced both the fields of Regulatory assistance and Development of new technologies in field of cosmetics and topical medical devices

He is involved in International Projects for implementing the EU Regulation 1223/2009 in several countries in the world.
He is supporter and member of the wonderful Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi (the future is there, you will see how many surprises soon…)
He’s Professor at University of Pisa, Faculty of Pharmacy, on Cosmetic Products and he owns Angel Consulting SAS (Milano-Italy).

– Regulation 1223/2009
– Safety Assessment
– Product Information File

– International Regulatory WW in field of cosmetics
– Regulatory Assistance on Import/Export to/from EU to WW
– Development of new technologies/patenting in field of new formulation and new ingredients (sintetic/natural/sustanable)

The Problem

The traditional consultant’s competence is important but it is increasingly difficult to concentrate on a single person all necessary skills; vertiginous developments of last years have brought knowledges to the “limit” of phisical capacity of the human mind.
Structures that are proposed as alternatives to the traditional consultant’s figure remedy the need for competence but create problems of internal coordination and interface with company.

The Solutions

The solution is qualified competence about: cosmetics advice, safety assessment, import and export, direct relationship with a qualified interlocutor, organizational simplicity, multidisciplinary expertise and access to sources and skills comparable with those of articulated structures.

Multidisciplinary competence is available for company, directly or with a coordination of necessary structures; these structures are useful to pursue the company’s objectives about production, cosmetic’s import/export, safety assessment and REACH regulations.

Angel Consulting, created and coducted by myself, pone a single interlocutor in contact with the company, like a consultant. We can offer the expertise of a company with the same simplicity and rationality of a relationship estabilished with the trusted consultant through:
– a network that concerne structured collaborators and consultants
– a collaboration with the most qualified universities and private centers specialized on research, development and production
– stable relationships with the main trade associations